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Criminal Defense Lawyer in North Platte

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If you have been arrested or charged with a crime anywhere in North Platte, prosecutors, officers, and other government authorities will be creating a case against you. Having one of our competent North Platte lawyers from Lindemeier Law Offices can greatly strengthen your defense strategy.

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Some of Our Recent Case Results

  • First Degree Murder – Dismissed by Court
  • Six Counts of 1st Degree Assault – Not Guilty by Trial
  • Felony Driving Under Suspicion (DUS) – Not Guilty by Trial
  • Felony Theft and Felony Burglary – All Charges Dismissed

Put 95+ Years’ Collective Experience in Your Corner

Being charged with a crime can be a frightening experience, especially if you're unaware of the penalties you may face. Criminal law covers everything from drunk driving to murder. Crimes are classified as a misdemeanor or felony with the latter resulting in more severe punishment. One of the most beneficial actions you can take when you're arrested is hiring a defense attorney.

As experienced trial lawyers, we have a complete understanding of the legal procedure as well as the justice system. With over 95 years of combined experience, we can educate you on your rights, prepare your case, and aggressively represent you in court. Given our past success and satisfied clients, we assure you we're more than qualified to handle your case.

We Fight for Your Rights and Freedoms in a Criminal Law Case

Contact our firm if you are facing criminal charges resulting from any of the following offenses:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Assault
  • Moving violation
  • Felony charge
  • Sexual Assault

The justice system may not be in your favor. No matter how minor the crime may be, the state brings the full force of the government against you. Punishment for crimes may include fines, community service, and imprisonment. If you repeat a crime, you may face harsher penalties than you did for your first offense. It's important you receive fair representation, which we work to provide.

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Lindemeier Law Offices cares about you. When life's twists and turns put you in need of an attorney, we personally work with you to guide you through this difficult time. We all make mistakes at one point in our lives, but this slip shouldn't jeopardize your freedom.

Our legal team diligently works to collect the hard evidence necessary to help strengthen your case, and we assertively represent you. Call Lindemeier Law Offices to receive effective legal support.

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