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At Lindemeier & Dawson, we pride ourselves in being a law firm with a broad base of experience that can be applied to a wide range of practice areas. Whether you need legal guidance with a matter related to personal injury, criminal law, family law, or probate, we can guide you along every step of the way, no matter how complex your case may seem.

We can also assist you with cases such as Social Security / disability, workers' compensation, juvenile law, civil litigation, guardianships, and conservatorships. Our firm also provides mediation services to individuals who wish to resolve their matter outside of court and appellate services for people who wish to appeal a court decision.

We have become known for providing aggressive legal representation that is empathetic and candid. With 136 years of combined experience, we have a proven track record of obtaining successful results. Please fill out the form below to allow us to review the details of your case. This will allow us to create a customized case strategy that fits your needs.

We look forward to working together towards a favorable case outcome.



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